Feb 23, 2011


Welcome to the site!

This site is dedicated to a project I am starting here at Case Western Reserve University. Here's a rundown of it (this will be located elsewhere once I figure blogging out)

What is this?
All of you who are students at Case Western know exactly how hard life can be sometimes. Between grueling academics and the bitter snow Cleveland gets, much of the school year can be pretty daunting. To offer a reprieve from this, I'm starting a little game, one that all Case students can take part in.
I have started hiding large candy bars (the kind you can't/shouldn't finish on your own) in plastic bags around campus. I will take a picture of its general location or provide a clue or two as to where it might be, and it's up to  you all to find it! You don't have to do anything other than see the hints to be able to find the candy, and I fully expect several bars to be found on accident.

Why do it?
I was inspired several weeks ago by an anonymous note found in the library that read "keep your chin up this week when midterms hit." I love the idea of this kind of anonymous kindness, and wanted to take part in it.

I'll mainly be focusing on the CWRU campus, but I may well spread out to a few places nearby campus. I definitely am not claiming to be an expert hider, so they shouldn't be too hard to find!


  1. I hope your little game works out for you.

  2. Don't go to your college but this sounds like a really cool idea!

  3. Interesting idea. I have always enjoyed the Pay-it-forward ideology. Looks like you have the opportunity to make several people's days.
    Perhaps you should attach a note with the candy promoting random acts of kindness.

  4. That's a pretty sweet idea. You should include a note that says it is left there for someone to find so people don't throw them away.