Mar 3, 2011

Lack of Candy!?

That's right, there's been a lack of candy this week. Most everything has been found (I'm still looking at you, first floor of KSL library planters) and everyone is leaving for spring break. It probably seems like there's just no more candy on campus...


Starting next Saturday, March the 12th, I will be starting this in earnest. Expect stashes on the North and South quads, and in just about every building around.

Additionally, to my readers in Nashville, Tennessee, check for updates about local stashes in a few days, as I go back home.

Happy spring break, everyone, and I hope midterms went well for you!


  1. you should so catch them in the act. it would be so funny.

  2. damn i should start something like this at my campus

  3. If you do, definitely let me know! That'd be great!